SHx Community Guidelines

Official Stronghold social media accounts/spaces, as well as non-Stronghold SHx related communities, abide by the following SHx community guidelines to foster a respect and engagement environment.


  • Respectful Communication: Treat everyone with respect. Discriminatory, offensive, or hateful comments will not be tolerated. Harassment, bullying, or threatening behavior of any kind is prohibited.

  • Relevant Content: Stay On Topic and ensure your comments and posts are relevant to the content being discussed. Avoid posting spam, repetitive comments, irrelevant links, or unsolicited promotional content.

  • Privacy and Safety: Do not share personal information, either your own or others', such as addresses, phone numbers, or financial information. Report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior to the moderators.

  • Constructive Feedback: When providing feedback, make it constructive and aim to help improve the community. Avoid making comments designed to provoke or upset others.

  • Compliance with Laws: Ensure your posts comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Do not share content that you do not own or have permission to share.

  • Moderation and Enforcement: Respect the decisions and instructions of the moderators. Understand that violations of these guidelines may result in content removal, temporary bans, or permanent expulsion from the community.

  • Community Contributions: Strive to contribute positively to the community by sharing helpful and insightful content. Encourage others to participate and share their thoughts in a respectful manner.

  • Language and Tone: Use appropriate language at all times. Avoid using profanity or language that could be considered offensive. Maintain a positive and encouraging tone in all interactions.

  • Dispute Resolution: If disagreements arise, handle them calmly and respectfully. If you cannot resolve a dispute, seek help from a moderator.

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