Learn more about the SHx Ecosystem Development Program (EDP).

Ecosystem Development Program

Stronghold has established the Ecosystem Development Program (EDP) with the mandate of prioritizing and supporting initiatives that accelerate the development of the wider SHx ecosystem.

The EDP will provide tools, resources, and access to Stronghold products and team members where appropriate to empower those outside of Stronghold who are building in the SHx ecosystem, including SHx-powered StrongholdNET integrations.

Working on a StrongholdNET integration with SHx enabled features? Ask your partner success/integration specialist about how the EDP can assist with engineering consultations and development resourcing!


From time to time, the EDP will issue bounties to encourage and support projects in the ecosystem.

Current Bounties

  • VOTE2BOUNTY Applications accepted 16 July 2024 to 31 December 2024

    $10,000 per award. At least two awards are available. This bounty is intended to encourage the building of public venues that are contemplated by the passing of the second SHx governance vote: 2 - Establishing a Public Governance Venue and Voting Proxy Stronghold currently does not intend to setup its own public venue, nor will it select any single public venue as an 'official' governance venue. Instead, any number of communities may be sources of governance proposals. A future vote may set up the guidelines by which governance proposals are promoted from these venues into 'official' votes. The definition of 'venue' is broad - it could be a website forum dedicated to SHx, or a community on a larger existing social media site.

    • The venue must allow for the publishing of, and discussion on, proposals for SHx governance votes.

    • The venue must be publicly available. Registration requirements (e.g. for signing up and logging into accounts) are OK, but there must be no fee or onerous signup process to be able to comment on proposals. The publishing of new proposals does not have to be available to the wider public.

    • The venue must incorporate the SHx Community Guidelines into their own community guidelines, and moderate accordingly where possible.


    • To make a submissions, please fill the form here.

    • You will be asked some basic qualification/contact info questions.

    • You will be asked three questions related to the details of the project:

      • Briefly, how does allow for the publishing of, and discussion on, proposals for SHx governance?

      • Tell us more about your project, in text.

      • Tell us more about your project, via a PDF upload of a document or presentation.

      • You can complete either or both of the text and file upload details questions.

General Eligibility

To be eligible for a bounty award, the applicant must:

  • Not be a current or former employee or shareholder of the Stronghold group of companies, including 20022Labs

  • Not be a resident of a country with active OFAC sanctions prohibiting Stronghold from dealing with persons from/in that country

  • Not be on OFAC's SDN list

  • Submit KYC information, including full name, date of birth, proof of address, and copy of passport or other government issued ID

  • Submit an IRS Form W-8 / W-8 BEN as appropriate

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